”The tobacco issue must be resolved at the politicians’ table, not on the operating table.”


Imagine if the world were nicotine-free?

That’s why we’ve created The Margaretha Haglund Award. Margaretha (1948-2022) was a vibrant, fearless, caring advocate. She fought against the tobacco industry for over 40 years, played a key role in making restaurants smoke-free in Sweden, and contributed to the development of the Tobacco Convention, a crucial international agreement ratified by Sweden in 2005.

Few have done so much for public health, children, and youth. Few have stood so firmly against tobacco industry lies and marketing, advocating for facts.

In 2006, she received The Luther L. Terry Award from the American Cancer Society for ”Outstanding worldwide achievement in the field of tobacco control.” She was internationally renowned and assisted countries like Vietnam and South Africa in their tobacco policy efforts.


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Margaretha laid the foundation for INWAT (International Women Against Tobacco), Professional Associations Against Tobacco, and was also involved in the founding of Tobacco Facts. Locally in Sweden, she was a thorn in the side of Philip Morris, Swedish Match, the vaping industry, and the moist snuff industry. A thorn in the side of all those who work to increase the tobacco industry’s dreadful sales and well-being.

On Twitter, she is known as ”farmormottobak” (”grandmother against tobacco”). In the book ”Livräddarna,” where Margaretha is one of the main characters, it is mentioned that she has been involved in saving tens of thousands of lives. We applaud that with all our hearts, and we want to continue that work now.

The Margaretha Haglund Award

Established in 2022 by Margaretha’s family to continue her tireless work against the tobacco industry and to advocate for the right of children and youth to a tobacco- and nicotine-free world. Each year, a fearless advocate contributing to this cause is honored with an award. The prize amount is 10,000 Swedish kronor.

The idea is that every other year, the award goes to a Swedish advocate, and every other year, it goes to an international advocate.

The award was presented for the very first time on March 29, 2023, in Stockholm.


Margaretha’s Passionate Work

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Prize Winners and Enthusiasts

2024 Awardee
Suzanne Gabriels

”Suzanne played a crucial role in achieving the Belgian ban on nicotine pouches and disposable vapes.

Her collaboration with the health minister, efforts in providing data and research, and strategic advocacy against the tactics of the tobacco industry were instrumental.

Working with NGOs and maintaining tobacco control as a political priority, Suzanne’s leadership and commitment were pivotal in this success, setting a global example for effective tobacco control measures.”


2023 Awardees
Carina Hesse Bolin
Matilda Frans

”The awardees have, with great dedication, highlighted the perspectives of children and youth in the health-promoting, tobacco-preventive work.

Through their efforts, they have contributed to children’s health with the principles of conversation, laughter, play, and seriousness, emphasizing the responsibility of adults alongside the engagement of children.

The awardees have provided inspiration and advancement both in regional and national efforts within the framework of Tobacco Endgame Smoke-Free Sweden 2025.”

Carina and Matilda work at Hälsoäventyret, Region Uppsala, read more at regionuppsala.se/halsoaventyret

Nominate a driving spirit

Thank you for your nomination for The Margaretha Haglund Award! If you know someone who is passionate about continuing Margaretha’s work for a tobacco- and nicotine-free world, you have the opportunity to submit your nomination below.

The nomination is open to everyone and must contain the following: Name and e-mail of you who nominate, name of the person you are nominating, organization the nominee works for, role and contact details of the person being nominated. Also write a description of what the person achieved. Justification – why does he or she deserve the award? We accept nominations throughout the year, with the period for the current year’s award closing at the end of March. Winners are announced in April of the same year.

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The Margaretha Haglund Award aims to support advocates who are dedicated to creating a tobacco-free and nicotine-free future for children and youth. A world where people are no longer harmed and do not die due to tobacco use.

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